Real-Time Knowledge Sharing Academy

  1. E-commerce expert: How to Create and run an E-commerce business
  2. Digital Marketing Expert: Hunt and get a job as an experienced Digital Marketer.
  3. A.I- Digital Marketing
  4. Content writer Experts: Hunt and get a Job as an experienced Content writer.
  5. Real-time Scrum Agile Coaching
  6. Effective Scrum Master
  7. Effective Project Management
  8. Successful Start-up entrepreneur.

After course completion, we provide internship for 4 to 6 months to get real-time hands-on practical experience on live GroomedIn projects which helps them to get exposure and experience for finding a good job and enhance their career.


Become An E-commerce expert

E-commerce expert: How to create and run an E-commerce business

Become Digital Marketing Expert

Become Digital Marketing Expert and hunt or get a Job as an experienced Digital Marketer.

Become A.I Digital Marketing Expert

Learn the tradition digital Marketing and enhance your skill as AI digital marketer, because that the future.

Content Writer Experts

CONTENT IS KING. So Learn how to write effective content as a content writer Experts, and get a Job as an experienced Content writer. 

Get Agile Coaching

Get a Real-time Scrum Agile Coaching and become a scrum master.

Become Successful Start-up entrepreneur.

Learn A to Z to become a successful start-up entrepreneur

  • How companies are formed and registered.
  • How to generate innovative ideas which can be transformed as a software startup.
  • How to do market research.
  • How to generate sales and scale-up.

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