No matter what Business, Field, Profession, you are in, we Digitize Your Dreams into SOLUTIONS.

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GroomediN is solutions based company which was incorporated in MARCH 2018. Company provides solutions to professional, nonprofessional and small  business to grow and fulfil their dreams. We don’t just provide solution or services but complete business in box, end to end solutions.

GroomedIn solution’s vision is to guide you to success with our experience, to make an individual a successful entrepreneur, expert professional so that you can fulfil your dreams.

GroomedIn solutions is currently providing following support channels 

Revolutionary BizInBOx Solutions

Gaming | Divi | WP

GroomedIn takes pride in bringing people’s idea to the right audience online. We not only bring your idea to the world but make sure that it reaches to right audience. We help provide all the infra that is required to manage the small business for you to scale up your idea without much investment.

Software as a Service 


  • Collaborative work space in the cloud
  • Private social network
  • Community experience
  • Dedicated phone numbers ?
  • Intranet facility for secure sharing and communication
  • RM system
  • HR and finance system
  • Platform to promote business with other communities



Real-time course on (We always strive to giving back the knowledge gained in intuitive ways back to society.)   

  1. eCommerce business
  2. Digital Marketing strategy


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(Digital Marketing)  

 Rock solid strategy  and digital awareness . You don’t follow customers, let customer follow you. Provided you have good product and services. 


What We Offer

There are gamut of services and investment that GroomedIn holds as its ongoing effort to provide strong and predictable base for entrepreneurs.


GroomedIn is partnering with different entities around the world to provide affordable local services and offerings in international market.

affiliate market

Setup different streams if investment to provide predictable and consistent inflow to make GroomedIn vision successful.


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To delight our customers with unique offerings around the world in affordable prices.


To provide no hassle and affordable entrepreneurship experience

Business In Box

To infuse digital marketing experience with Incubator services to increase success rate of any idea.

Software solutions


Making successful entrepreneurs




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